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I now have a Blog at! It has much more recent information that I've been doing in Comics, Conventions, and just general Craziness!
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Hopefully, this site will turn into more of an archive of my art, encompassing a wider scope than just the PPG.

In the meantime, enjoy the covers and pages below. Thanks!

Last Update: July, 2008

Welcome to my site featuring my Artwork on the Powerpuff Girls Comic Book from DC Comics. So far I've done the interior art (both Penciling and Inking) for Issues 1, 3, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 25, 28, 31, 34, 38, 40, 44, and 46 as well as the Covers for all the issues so far!

Evil Doers Beware! For when the Liberty Bell tolls, it tolls for Thee!
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Sean, Me and Jenn at San Diego!
PPG Writers Sean Carolan, Jennifer Moore
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Convention Appearances 2004
Chicago Comicfest Rosemont, IL March 13-14 2004
Planet Comic Con Kansas City, KS March 27-28 2004
Anime Central Rosemont, IL May 14-16 2004
San Diego Comic Con San Diego, CA July 22-25 2004
Wizard World ChicagoRosemont, IL August 13-15 2004
Anime Reactor Rosemont, IL October 22-24 2004
Mid-Ohio-Con Columbus, OH November 27-28 2004

Click on the images to get a closer look!

Issue 1 Cover Issue 2 Cover Issue 3 Cover Issue 4 Cover Issue 5 Cover Issue 6 Cover Issue 7 Cover
Issue 8 Cover Issue 9 Cover Issue 10 Cover Issue 11 Cover Issue 12 Cover Issue 13 Cover Issue 14 Cover
Issue 15 Cover Issue 16 Cover Issue 17 Cover Issue 18 Cover Issue 19 Cover Issue 20 Cover Issue 21 Cover
Issue 22 Cover Issue 23 Cover Issue 24 Cover Issue 25 Cover Issue 26 Cover Issue 27 Cover Issue 28 Cover
Issue 29 Cover Issue 30 Cover Issue 31 Cover Issue 32 Cover Issue 33 Cover Issue 34 Cover Issue 35 Cover
Issue 36 Cover Issue 37 Cover Issue 38 Cover Issue 39 Cover Issue 40 Cover Issue 41 Cover Issue 42 Cover
Issue 43 Cover Issue 44 Cover Issue 45 Cover Issue 46 Cover


PPG: The Day is Saved! Front Cover Hot off the presses from Publications International LTD is this little gem that I did the illustrations for.

It features 4 pages with little flaps that a child can lift up and press the corresponding icons on the side which makes sounds (to the delight of toddlers and the annoyance of parents ;P ).

Everyone should get one! If you can't find them at your local bookstore, you can probably Special Order it. The serial number for the book is ISBN 0-7853-4754-2.

Late Breaking News: For those interested, I've seen the book being sold in Walgreens and have been told that they sell it at Wal-Mart, too.

These are the pages I sumitted to the editor to get on the Greatest Comic out there!

Pin-up Sample Page 1 Sample Page 2 Sample Page 3 Sample Page 4 Sample Page 5

The Powerpuff Girls were created by Craig McCraken
The Powerpuff Girls are © Hanna-Barbera, Inc.
Artwork is © and may not be used without permission.